Thursday, November 23, 2006

Dutch political roundabout 

The Nederlands election results do not seem to be good for the LI Parties there – D66 and the VVD both of which were in the outgoing coalition for a number of years - D66 left some time before the election however.

With 150 seats up for grabs in total:
VVD took 22 seats (loss of 6)
D66 took 3 seats ( loss of 3)

A party (PVDV) headed by an ex-VVD figure fighting on a strongly anti-immigrant platform took 9 seats, up from nil. The Pym Fortuyn heritage ‘woe-alas-the-Moslems-are-here’ party was however totally wiped out losing all outgoing 8 seats.

Biggest gainer is the Socialist Party (which has never been part of a Government I believe) which gained 17 seats to total 26, almost overtaking the traditional Labour Party.

An analysis of all this with complete figures is on European Tribune – the characterisations on Eurortib of VVD (”the scary party”) and of D66 is not necessarily friendly. Further analysis on these results in “A Fistful of Euros”. Do we have comments on these trends from our European Liberal contacts and activists?

Oddity of the day must be the winning of two seats by the PvDD (Partij voor de Dieren) the first Animal Rights party to gain representation in an European parliament (or anywhere???)

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