Wednesday, October 18, 2006

O Tempura! O Island! 

A sad decison by Iceland to resume commercial whaling.

Something I have to oppose in principle despite my great feelings of moral indebtedness to Iceland. Years ago, when Lithuania was struggling to re-establish its indepedence from the Soviet Union Iceland became the first -and for years the only- nation to recognise Lithuanian independence. It got massive grief from the USSR including economic sanctions that hurt.

I recall at the time hoping to help repay Iceland someday and helped arrange support for an budding Icelandic historian ( Gudni Thorlacius Johannesson) to write a thesis on Iceland's support for the Baltics.

ButI also hoping that Iceland would never put me on the spot by restarting whaling. Now that day has come, and I am really torn...

By the way, last time I looked,Reykjavic University had an Icelandic interest in the Baltics through a course taught by Gudni Johannesson. Reflecting on themes discused by Cicero on the occasion of the Queen's October 2006 tour of the Baltic States.

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