Thursday, September 21, 2006

A view from a chair at home 

Ok let’s admit it – we have a light entertainment crisis in this party. Ming will never cut the mustard swapping quips on ‘Have I Got News for You?’. He just hasn’t got the timing to take a stream of side digs to script. But Hurrican Gordon went down fine.

He did however survived the Storming Strobes ordeal inflicted on his entry by some overexcited media geek. Now what was the carbon footprint of that stunt? Never again please - the press were all set to laugh at the slightest corny stumble.

On the other hand when it comes to showing a bit of belief in what he is saying, he rather carried conviction. That this man is Liberal and unapologetic with it is beyond doubt.. That makes me feel good.

As for the World Out there – well the BBC daily Politics show had its online viewer reaction gizmo on parade recording second by second approval and disapproval rankings. Self-declared LibDems seemed pretty happy. Self-declared Tories seemed half and half positive and negative , and interestingly hardly any responded to the Tax Proposals even the 50-p bit. But self-identified Labour supporters gave very positive responses with big plus spikes for the contested items from last Tuesday.
Taking another breakdown, women viewers responded massively favourably to the remarks on Darfur while men barely managed to yawn. Yawns too from older voters on the Green Agenda, while under-60s responded enthusiastically.

So – it may be worthwhile targeting younger ex-Labour women voters?

OK so this is the Focus Group trap, but we got here by addressing the issues and not by running round trying to find a mob to follow.

Bottom line we have a leader who is a human being with some clear strengths. We have a job to do and we can do it – provided we work with people as they are. So that settles the leadersip business, right?

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