Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Drunken Sailors at the helm? 

Interesting news on the indebtedness of Tories and Labour after last year’s General Election spending spree. We did know the Tories were lashing out as they spent something like £160,000 in one year outside of the election period in their target seat of Milton Keynes North-East, plus up to the limit in the actual election. We notice that we no longer get the monthly full-colour Tory leaflets delivered by commercial deliverers we all enjoyed before May 2005, though the Tories are still benefiting from the massive paid-for canvass done for the GE as can be seen from their (transient we hope) local election successes this year.

As for MK Labour, some interesting news which casts doubts on the accuracy of their national figures. Turns out they may not have submitted local accounts to the Electoral Commission for three years. Which has repercussions!

The local Tories are on to them on this and thought they had us too when our accounts didn’t turn up on the Commission website. They are gobsmacked to find that we won control of MK Council and have clung on to effective power (even in NOC) with a yearly Local Party turnover of under £25,000 so don’t have to have our accounts on public access. They simply cannot get their heads around this level of frugality.

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