Tuesday, June 13, 2006

New maps for an Island Planet 

The Interdependence Day event on the afternoon of July 1st at the Royal Geographical Society which I flagged up earlier looks a really good day out with 'debate, films, art perfrmances and workshops'.

The concept is that "demands to save the planet from environmental catastrophe, or to act on poverty are often daunting in scale, distant from daily life. But there is good news: there are acts of compassion, care, curiosity, and creativity that are already part of everyday life, and modes of communication that are already helping these ordinary acts to span great distances".

I do urge Libdems with an interest in this, and some free Saturday time, to attend this and give us some feedback in the blogs.

As for me I am landed with an absolutely unbreakable committee meeting elsewhere that same afternoon. Curses.

The links to further work on the Interdependence Day website are also of interest.

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