Monday, June 26, 2006

Fight for our British Rights 

The inconsistencies and hypocricies of The Infant David's rants on Human rights are beautifully skewered by Richard Allen in this post and I agree with every word. Just to add two points.

We need to campaign and campaign now to 'Save British Rights', taking up the challenge of Infant Dave's europhobia manipulations. Slap an Union Flag campaign button on our websites if need be.

And what is with the proposed Cameron Bill of Rights based on the US Bill (which is based on the English Bill of Rights of 1688 anyway)? The major change that came with our incorporation of the European Bill of Rights into UK law was that UK courts could cite the Bill in its decisions. It is the power of US courts to hold Executive and Legislature to account by applying the Bill of Rights which distinguishes US practice from some earlier British practice. Will Camerons Law follow this US proceedure? If so what difference will it make unless British Courts become as craven as are current US courts?

Lets throw this right back at him.

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