Friday, February 03, 2006

Social Enterprise for a Liberal Society 

I am delighted that Chris Huhne today (Friday 3rd Feb) launched his leadership manifesto at a Social Economy Organisation. I talked about this kind of organisation in an earlier post hoping to stimulate some thought in the party on how this kind of initiative fits in with modern Liberalism. Chris has taken all this several steps further. If I had been hesitant about my first preference vote, Chris would have swung it for me this morning. Great leadership here.

For too long the idea of ‘enterpreneurship’ has been annexed by the ideological right. Lets liberate it and see what all this new energy can do for our people and communities. And this movement, these initiatives, are growing now, not at the end of some bridge over in future years. We need to work here and now to learn from this field, to encourage it, and to grow with it.

It could also be a key battleground with the Conservatives so we need to have a leadership on the ball on this.

Way to go, Chris!

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