Monday, February 27, 2006

For what its worth 

Over in the real world (where even political bloggers have to go occasionally) a small anecdote. Someone who knows my political orientation from seeing me perform in public came over to me in the streets on Sunday and said Hello! And have you voted yet? I said yes, for Chris Huhne. He looked really pleased and stuck up his thumb. I think this was a well-wishers gesture..

Meanwhile back in virtual electioneering some members who signed on for information from Ming are getting last minute phone calls I hear (no live experiences reported of other candidates efforts). Note to Ming's team – it may be a good idea to check you canvassers grasp of the scripts. When a member says they have already cast their ballot for someone else it means the paper is irredeemably in the post and it is pointless asking them if there is any chance they would change their minds.

But this really is the last chance to Get Out The Vote. I suspect that posting Ballot Papers on Tuesday morning will be cutting it quite fine. So if you haven’t voted yet why not make a mental picture of the Good Morning Knotted Trunk Elephant Graphic and get over to a reliable postbox… And please, if possible, first preference for Chris.

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