Friday, January 13, 2006

Hair Today 

One thing about internal elections is that we get to see the campaign process as non-politicians do instead of just being the people dishing it out. Suddenly the leaflets, the sound-bites and the tricks of image presentation look just a little less brilliant than we think.

Maybe some valuable lessons… if we chose to reflect.

It is often the small matters rather than the big issues that swings the final vote. Irrelevant ones like the Great Hair Uproar. So many bald or close cropped heads amongst the contenders. One of our local councillors has the perfect riposte - a notice in his kitchen saying ‘God gave a few men perfect heads – to the rest he gave hair’. But I am not here to make anti-Huhne points!

I am one of the people way back in the 60s and 70’s who landed the Liberals with the long hair and sandles image, so I suppose I should finally apologise to the modern Party even though I still do defiantly have muesli for breakfast. In my day long hair for men was an issue in society and I scorned the bigotry of the short back and sides mafia. But now I find that I am uneasy with men with very short haircuts as I associate this with the old repression – and of course repeat the same prejudices in reverse. Sigh.

Back to learning about elections…

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