Friday, December 23, 2005

Linksmų Kalėdų 

Yes, merry Christmas, in Lithuanian. The big day in Lithuanian tradition is actually Christmas Eve Night, where there is a big family meal that starts when the first stars are seen shining brightly. The table is covered with hay and a white cloth laid on this. A place is laid for family members who have died. The meal is supposed to have 13 dishes, many of them fish, including a traditional grain and honey porridge.

At the end of the meal everyone goes up to each other person in turn, breaks a wafer with them, hugs, and sincerely asks forgiveness for any hurts or wrong done in the year.

The hay from the table is supposed to be fed to the animals in the morning so that they are included in the festivities. As for presents, well nowadays Kalėdų Senėlis (Old Man Christmas) is part of the mix and leaves a bag beside the main door. But he does require children to work for their presents by singing, or saying poems.

Anyway I wish you all Linksmų Kalėdų and ask your forgiveness for any hurts or slights I may have given over this year.


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