Monday, November 28, 2005

your money or your health 

Some say we should welcome more private funding into the NHS to help keep costs down. Well that argument was tried in the USA in the 1980’s when those parts of their system working on a not-for-profit basis was privatised. And the result was that spending on health matters went up from 10.5% of GDP in 1984 to 15% of GDP in 2004. That means expenditure this year is in round terms $500,000,000 higher than it would have been if the 1984 proportion was still operative. And how does this work out in terms of actual care outcomes?

Critical Condition: How Health Care in America became Big Business and Bad Medicine is the title of a book with one answer to that. (you can download it as an e-book, it isnt available in britain.)

Maybe those of our Orange Bookmakers willing to take a punt on private health care could look at the arguments and examples in this book and explain how it doesn’t reflect what would happen here …

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