Thursday, November 17, 2005

Transatlantic strings for Cameron? 

I believe that David Cameron, if he Ascends to the Olympian Heights of Conservative leadership, intends to realign the Tories in Europe away from its traditional CDU style allies and gather together with certain eurosceptic parties chiefly from east Europe.

These parties I think are partially funded and encouraged by supporters of the current US administration in order to weaken the EU and make Europe easier to manipulate by the USA.

This policy is expressed succinctly by John O'Sullivan, the British-born editor-in-chief at United Press International in Washington, D.C. In a notable article in 2002 he argued that it is "in America's national interest to shape a new Atlantic framework in which the E.U. would gradually lose its dominance within Europe." The steps towards such an outcome might include:1) Replacing the venerable State Department policy of encouraging European "integration" in all circumstances with a policy of support for a decentralized, deregulated, free-trade Europe of nations2) Seeking closer bilateral relationships with European friends like the British, the east Europeans, the Italians, and the Spaniards; (This was before Zapatero took office of course)3) Strengthening transatlantic institutions where they exist (such as Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld's proposed NATO Rapid Reaction Force); establishing them where they don't (like a new transatlantic free trade area, TAFTA); and fostering an active transatlantic exchange.( Source: John O'Sullivan "United we should stand" . The American Enterprise, December 2002, p. 35 Not available online as far as I can find)

One sign of the times and a possible Campbell ally. The new Polish Foreign Minister in the Government formed earlier this week (see Eurotrib for a good account of the background) is Radek Sikorski .Sikorski is an interesting character having (for instance) personally fought in Afghanistan alongside the mohadjeen against the Soviets. (now I wonder if he met Osama over there...) He is married to the well-known Washington Post columnist Anne Applebaum. He was a founder and up to now at least was executive director of the New Atlantic Initiative. This is headquartered in the American Enterprise Institute . Supporters of the NAI include Rupert Murdoch, John Bolton (The current US ambassador and designated wrecker –in-chief to the United Nations) and Donald Rumsfeld.

And we are about to see the launch of the UK Branch of the Henry Jackson Society. The event is on 22 November 2005 and it will be hosted by Michael Grove MP (Cons - Surrey Heath) and Gisela Stuart (Lab - Birmingham Edgbaston). I believe 'Scoop' Jackson was a mentor and inspiration for Richard Perle and Paul Wolfowitz and various other wild minds afflicting the current US administration.

To understand Cameron’s possible agenda we may need to have a clear understanding of what these bodies are up to.

Now a question for us. These well-funded and connected institutions have contacts and well-wishers in the Tory and Labour parties. They seek to alter perceptions and set agendas behind the scenes. Are we LibDems immune to these blandishments? Should we keep a watch?

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