Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The British-Makers 

With the new Citizenship Tests on view and in operation, time to recall one of the funniest Swiss films of all time - The Swissmakers (Die Schweizermacher) which follows the exploits of a special squad in a Swiss Canton charged with the task of assessing citizenship applicants to see if they are sufficiantly Swiss to be allowed in. The scenes with the family from Italy desperately pretending they prefer fondue to pasta and concealing their political inclinations are pythonesque classics. (Hint, it is a bonus for possessors of the Liberator songbook when the family break into 'Bandiera Rossa' at the end, as we can follow the words in Italian from memory).

I suppose if I was applying for Swiss Citizenship I would be expected to name the other funny Swiss film ... Ok that crack will rule me out for life. But how would we resident Brits do on the test and would a test on Welshness be acceptable in lieue of Britishness - for example for the Gujerati speaking migrants who learnt fluent Welsh back in the 1980s ...

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