Friday, October 21, 2005

Globalisation under study 

My old employers the Open University are taking a look at Globalisation. The new course DD205 'Living in a Globalised World' looks like a good bet if you want to engage constructively in arguments on this theme - and registration for 2006 is open until 31 October. To emphasies - I have no connections apart for old professional pride in this.

I suspect it will be of interest to many LibDems and others. As the course blurb says:

Living in today’s globalised world feels challenging, even confusing at
times, with distance no longer a reliable indicator of our involvements in the
world. Some of your closest relationships may be stretched out over thousands of
miles, and held together with letters, phone calls or e-mail; yet you may pass
the same people every day without giving them a second glance. Global political
concerns are becoming more extensive but also more controversial. On the one
hand, charities and other organisations are as likely to be campaigning for the
rights and welfare of people on another continent as they are for people from
your local area. On the other hand, wars are waged to rid people of 'outsiders'.
Some people don't want government or charity ‘interference’ in their affairs
from what they see as distant places.
We are all involved in these complex, global situations, where the ‘right’ course of action isn't always clear. But how should we react to calls to build global relationships with people living far from us? And how do we assess those calls not to intervene in difficult situations with people in some areas? And it isn't only other human beings with whom we have to negotiate our position in the world. We also have responsibilities to other living creatures that share the planet, and to the world itself, with all its potential resources and dangers.

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