Friday, September 30, 2005

Things we can do to prepare for Bird Flu 

The possible or maybe probable coming of a major Bird Flu Pandemic hit the headlines again. Happily this coincides with the online Pandemic Flu Awareness Week (3-9 October 2005).
There are things we - individuals and public authorities - can do to prepare for such a challenge. I have mentioned before the FluWiki, an exemplary initiative on the Net which works to make information available worldwide, and organises the online week. If you have concerns about what might happen in your area, do look it up.
In fact if you are in any influence with Local Authority Emergency Planning Staff, make sure they access this site - even if it tells them nothing new (unlikely) it is a model on how to explain what is happening and what might happen in rigorous lay terms.

Anyone know of a similar resource for hepatitis C which is also in the news today (30th Sept)

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