Thursday, September 15, 2005

New Zealand Liberals may actually exist 

No New Zealand organisations that I can see in the Liberal International listings.

However I have located an interesting BLOG in NZ which seems to be taking about the same landscapes as we do, with the engaging Blogname of Idiot Savant.

One item on the impact of this upcoming election result on the Maori as an example of his contributions.

Also his comment late last year on the Labour Governmen's failure to protect basic human rights. Yes thats NZ Labour they are talking about. What gets into the heads of Labour people worldwide when human rights questions arise?

The wooden spoon for this NZ Human Rights failure goes to one Phil Goff who is Foreign Minister AND Justice Minister AND Minister for Pacific Island Affairs and in the words of 'Idiot Savant'...

(as to who is) the person who did the most to undermine human rights in New
Zealand in 2004, I think the answer is obvious. One name features prominently in
the above litany of shame: Phil Goff. His utter lack of concern for procedural
safeguards, the rights of the accused (or convicted), actual guilt or innocence
- for justice, in other words - really speaks for itself.

Idiot Savant's latest comment on voting intentions may be helpful to us outsiders trying to make sense of the NZ poll.

What attempts are being made to get NZ participation in LI? Should we Liberal Bloggers take a lead?

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