Saturday, June 04, 2005

Wear the mantle of these values proudly 

This quote from the recent commencement address by William Sculz, executive director of Amnesty International USA. Not a bad call to arms for a Liberal movement, even a Liberal party.

After telling a wonderful story about a painting of Faust playing Chess with the devil Schulz says:

"...no matter what orthodoxy may claim or ideology may bluster, history is not finished, the future is not fated, what comes next is in our hands, so that in the face of hardship and injustice, of suffering and of death, we say, The story is not over. The end is not here yet. For it is not just the King but the knight, not just the Queen but the rook, not just the Bishop but pawn, not just the wealthy but the pauper, not just the powerful but every starving, lonely, frightened person in the world, every single person, every single one of us, who has another move. We all have another move... We are engaged today in an enormous struggle... It is a struggle between those who would close down culture and those who would keep it open. Between those who welcome the preeminence of one nation and those who give their fealty to the common interests of the globe. It is, in short, a struggle between those with a parched vision and those with a generous heart. This institution has always pledged itself to one side of that equation and, to you who graduate today I leave you with one very simple message:

"Wear the mantle of these values proudly; then give no quarter; fear no shadows; and make the mountains tremble."

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