Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Maps Away 

I am discontented with the new weather maps on BBC.

I do agree with the SNP on the visual distortions of 'tilted Britain'. Indeed I complained to the BBC about the equivalent 'Tilted Iraq' graphics during the recent invasion which showed Baghdad as almost the top of that country while in fact about half is to the north. But that's not my main complaint.

I object to the loss of the weather maps showing isobars and fronts. It so happens that I can interpret this data and make educated estimates of likely weather patterns independent of the official forecasts. Many other people can do so as well. Now as far as the BBC TV is concerned we are completely dependent on the abstracted information presented in the graphics and cannot exercise our own judgment.

Helping people to make their own judgments and supporting the ability to make informed evaluation of the performance of services like the Met Reports is a core principle of a Liberal society so for me there is a political dimension in all this. The BBC is making us more dependent and that is a less 'liberal' outcome. (Updated) Yes you can get the isobars and other information on the BBC webpage, hidden in a new slot. This only mitigates the loss of service on the TV.

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