Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Lighter things 

A pleasant weekend camping on a hillside in Devon 'Between the Moors' overlooking Winkleigh (and just about resisting the temptation to fret 'what constituency is this in?). Two odd thoughts.

1 It was impossible to find a Devon Cream Tea on Bank Holiday Monday, indeed the only Devon eatery on my route home open on Monday afternoon was a Macdonalds in Tiverton. Meaning I suppose that I was in Working Devon not Visitors Devon.

2 And Winkleigh has three shops. A Londis supermarket, a post office and a butchers rejoicing in the name 'The Mad Butcher of Winkleigh'. The name of which on its own made the weekend.

Winkleigh does however have three (I think) car dealerships.

It is no backwater in terms of political issues though - a Biomass Powered Electricity Generation Station is planned for the nearby former airfield. I now feel a personal attachment to Mad Butcher Land and I will be keeping an eye on this issue for my own political education.

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