Thursday, May 12, 2005

A different home life 

Great that campaigns for electoral reform are springing up. Maybe those of us already committed should take a look at how people campaign under existing PR systems, to see how party and other political arrangemenst would need to change. As an example what is it like campaigning under STV where in effect campaigners could be working to move some of their party's candidates above others in preferences. I can imagine strains and interesting complications.

New Zealand is gearing up for a General Election so we should be taking a look at them in the next few months. I note one cultural difference not connected to PR - it is illegal to campaign on election day so no Good Morning Leaflets, no knocking up and all campaign posters have to be taken down for the day. Having been subject last week to heartfelt pleas from voters in Watford not to put yet another leaflet through their door mid-day on polling day I suspect the NZ regulation could be popular here.


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