Thursday, April 14, 2005

Matched to this hour 

To the adoption meetings last night for our two City seats. Guest speaker is Lord Dholakia, an inspiring and comforting performance. Inspiring to hear the basic Civil Liberty issues so clearly stated. Comforting, to find my party so firmly on the side of sense and right and decency.

My mother had the misfortune to experience rule by both Stalin and Hitler. I know from childhood story bones what it means to live under regimes that reject the standards of decent Civic and Liberal society. Part of my reasons for being a Liberal Democrat is to fight every step taking us towards such darknesses. The current Labour Government and the Conservative Opposition alike are playing fast and loose with freedoms won at great cost over centuries. This is a time that provides justification for a Liberal Party, defending such freedoms against frightened and sometimes popular attacks. I am glad to play my small part in this defence.

The manifesto is a good start. As Navnit Dholakia says there
“I have been been horrified to find that Labour doesn’t seem to understand that in fighting crime and terrorism, the point is to defend Britain’s justice and democracy, not give it away. ..We won’t surrender Britain’s liberties.”

Even the much-criticised Mark oaten says:
"This Government just keeps trying to take away citizens’ basic freedoms – such as the right to jury trial, or to demonstrate peacefully outside parliament. They even wanted the power to lock anyone up at the whim of the Home Secretary."

Lets show we have the passion and urgency to carry this message across the country.


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