Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Odd thoughts on the hightly enjoyable Shameless TV series. Lots of laughs and hoping for a third series. But after all the over-the-top mistrepresentations of Social Work practice, Police proceedures, and the licensing laws the last episode had me muttering 'but it isn't like that!'... Because there was a local election involved and, well, campaigning in pubs, putting up posters on licenced premises, and talinkg about 'planning committee', it just takes it all too far from the real world even for a fantasy. We all know it is 'Development Control' nowadays don't we?

TV drama of course can't deal with real local politics. Take Brookside of late unlamented memory. All those decades of daily details from a Merseyside housing close and they never once had a FOCUS leaflet through any letterbox.

Still I do hope that the vigorous negative reaction in 'Shameless' to the racist rant of the sitting councillor would be mirrored in real life.

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