Tuesday, March 01, 2005

It's not just getting the Courts involved...

A great and typically British hurried uproar to pass repressive emergency legislation on the run. There is Liberal Democrat solidarity in opposition to the Governments repressive instincts, thankfully. However the grounds on which we are fighting – for a central involvement by the Courts –is a little shaky when we look at some foreign examples.

Take the Canadian ‘National Security Certificates’ for example. These seem to allow for indefinite detention without trial and without the incarcerated having access to all the evidence alleged against them. And to be under the supervision of Courts.

The Certificates are in the news today because of the long-expected deportation of Ernst Zundel from Canada to Germany where he faces prosecution for spreading hate. Zundel was detained as a security risk in 2003 and has been deported after evidence was presented to a Judge by Canada’s spy agency, that evidence not being revealed to Zundel or his Lawyers. By the sound of it this would not be an acceptable model for an UK Security procedure, the Judicial involvement regardless. I trust our LibDem Parliamentarians are aware of these ramifications and are prepared to resist if a Canadian solution is proposed.

Zundel of course is one of those people sent to try Liberal souls as tests of principle in procedures. An iconic Holocaust denier, author of ‘Did Six Million Really Die’ and of ‘The Hitler We Loved and Why’. The secret evidence before canadian Courts related to associations with White Supremacist Groups which have been involved in violence.

His Holocaust denial rantings implied (amongst other far more serious things) that my father, a Liberator of Belsen, was a liar, so I have personal reasons to reinforce my generalised contempt and anger for his position.

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