Saturday, February 19, 2005

President Bush II is in Europe this week - not to Britain one notes, which is probably a relief for Blair and his election team. Apart from anything else could they have justified the cost to the public purse? According to AFOE this is the public burden on Frankfurt..

And no ordinary German will get a chance to ask any questions as the proposed 'Town Hall' meetings are cancelled.

"... according to Spiegel Online (abbreviated English version), many of the city’s businesses have scheduled a day off because it will prove almost impossible for clients and employees to get into the city. Four highways will be closed around Frankfurt International Airport and Mainz, river and private air traffic suspended; fighter jets will patrol the area. People living in a closer perimeter around the meeting area in an inner city castle will apparently only be allowed into their apartments after identity controls performed by American officials. Some inhabitants have allegedly been asked to keep their blinds shut during the visit, others had their flower pots removed from their balconies. Clearly, most people, including some American soldiers stationed in the affected area (according to ‘Stars & Stripes Europe’), are less than pleased."

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