Wednesday, February 02, 2005

The Pope is in hospital, apparently seriously ill. For his health and welfare, I hold him in the light. May his remarkable life proceed with dignity.

One day we will have an election for his successor, and there may be political ramifications. The Religious Right in the USA may inspire attempts at setting up similar movements here in the EU. Buttiglione (the Italian who failed to get endorsed as an EU commissioner ) would be the obvious choice to be the EuroReactionary Kilroy Silk. And a papal Election an interesting time to launch a Catholic based effort to emulate the Bible Belt. I do know that at the time of the US presidential election some east Europeans lobbied in their US Ethnic communities saying that a Bush presidency is the best hope of supporting people like Buttiglione in Europe. All this with Opus Dei in the news... fortunately there is a lot more to Catholicism than this and their could be interesting discussions. A new Pope in the next year or so could be key to many things.

By the way the Papal Conclave no longer needs to have a two-thirds majority settling on a new Pope. If there is deadlock after 12 days a simple majority will suffice.

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