Thursday, November 25, 2004

Some background and ongoing details (including 'results') on the Events in Ukraine . One factor not getting much mentioned is the Transdniester Republic the totally unrecognised 'Independent State' between Moldova and Ukraine (maintained by the Russian Army), which is one of the Global Lawlessness Spots on the globe. It is comparable in Organised Crime Friendliness to the 'Mengele Triangle' across the Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay borders. If Ukraine succeeeds in becoming a firmly Western-Orientated State, Transdniestria will be even more visibly a rotting anomaly.

As the Head Heeb points out Transdniestria is a major centre for prostitution trafficking...

And keeping an eye on crime, note this comment by Ukranian novelist Oksana Zabuzhko on "Ukraine's Solidarnosc" Her piece originally in the WSJ.

"A widespread cliche used by many Western journalists to describe the major collision of our dramatic elections is that the establishment candidate, Viktor Yanukovych, is "pro-Russian," and that opposition candidate, Viktor Yushchenko, is "pro-Western." This version has as little to do with the feelings of an average Ukrainian voter as with those of the belligerents of the Trojan war. Mr. Yanukovych is perceived not so much as being "pro-Russian," but as, first and foremost, being "pro-criminal" -- a Ukrainian Al Capone, who has under his belt two prison sentences for robbery and assault, and publicly uses criminal argot compared to which even the boorish tongue of retiring President Leonid Kuchma sounds as innocuous as a school textbook."

Elsewhere some indications that Russia is moving its foreign currency reserves away from the US Dollar into the Euro. That of course will kick down the US Dollar even more. In the present circumstances that just might be a hostile move (or at least a backstage bargaining threat) by Russia in response to the US hard line on Ukraine elections and also a slight warning shot to the European Union which has no desire whatsoever for the US Dollar to collapse..

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