Monday, April 26, 2004

The Swansea Connection - NOT
It appears that some US Neocons thought way back in the mid-1990's that Swansea (or Swansea, Wales as it is known over the pond) was a centre for terrorist plotting. Though this version of the story refers to England, thus displaying the keen knowledge of overseas affairs evidneced by the knowledge the US had of Iraq before the recent invasion. Anyway
"According to Clarke, Wolfowitz commissioned former CIA director Jim Woolsey to fly to England to retrieve fingerprints of WTC bomber Ramzi Yousef, in order to show that Yousef was a "false double" inserted by Iraqi intelligence. The FBI objected to this wild-goose chase, but Wolfowitz insisted. As it turned out, the fingerprints disproved Mylroie's theory—they matched those of the Ramzi Yousef sitting in a U.S. federal prison." The Laurie Mylorie referred to is a well known analyst who tried to establish a connection between Iraq and the 1993 World Trade Centre bombing - and completely failed to do so. This 2001 story completes the Swansea non-picture . "Woolsey's pursuit of the World Trade Center connection led him to the small town of Swansea, Wales, where his sleuthing piqued the curiosity of the local constabulary, whose chief decided to ring the U.S. Embassy in London for clarification as to whether Woolsey was visiting in an official capacity. This was the first anyone at State or CIA had heard of Woolsey's British expedition, and upon being apprised of it, Powell and Tenet were not amused. "It was a stupid, stupid, and just plain wrong thing to do," an intelligence consultant familiar with the "operation" said.
All this past excitement down in the parish of our own Peter Black ! Makes leafletting in the unexpected bayside Sun a bit tame..

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