Monday, April 05, 2004

Article in the CSM by Mark LeVine on Globalisation and the Events in Iraq. Please take note of the CSM retransmission requirements.

Amongst other things LeVine says:
" It may be hard for Americans to understand the occupation of Iraq in the context of globalization. But Iraq today is clearly the epicenter of that trend. Here, military force was used to seize control of the world's most important commodity - oil. And corporations allied with the occupying power literally scrounge the country for profits, privatizing everything from health care to prisons, while Iraqi engineers, contractors, doctors, and educators are shunted aside.... The CPA budgets only $10,000 to "rehabilitate" schools that then receive little more than a paint job by CPA-hired contractors; Iraqi principals complain that they could do the job for $1,000, and wonder where the other $9,000 is going." And he goes on to say " A prominent Iraqi psychiatrist who has worked with the CPA and the US military explained to me (LeVine) that "there is no way the United States can be this incompetent. The chaos here has to be at least partly deliberate."

Well, er, looking at the United States of Enron, yes they could be that incompetent actually.

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