Friday, March 26, 2004

No doubt some of you will have seen this heartwarming story in the BBC webpages today: Libya considers Branson mine plea. Goodwill stuff hard on the heels of our pioneering PM.
In brief The Mineseeker Foundation is developing a system to pinpoint landmines by radar from a helium-filled airship. The scheme will cost up to £30m. Richard branson, who part-funded the Mineseeker foundation charity, is asking Ghadaffi to fund it.

There is one small problem and I need to choose my words carefully. So some selection of terms such as Hot Air, Technological Utopianism, publicity oportunity, and utter balderbash come to mind. Also munchikin-level versions of Star Wars daydreams. If you want some discussions on how to do civillian mines clearance in the real world have a look at the archives of the MGM demining list. There is a message thread on a previous sighting of this Baloon, back in 2001 when the promoters were trying to recruit Nelson Mandela as a supporter.

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