Friday, January 30, 2004

On the whole background to Kelly and All That, take a look at this comment from the September 2003 conference of Reporting the World (synopsis available on the Iraq Conflict page) by Mark Brayne – BBC Trauma Unit and Director, DART Centre Europe
>> I am fascinated by the psychology of what is happening with self-delusion. To explain it extremely briefly... we each of us have what psychologists call a ‘schema’ inside ourselves, which is a kind of roadmap of how the world works. When something challenges us that doesn’t fit that schema, we can do one of two things. We can change our internal schema and adapt and say, “oh well I was wrong,” and we move forward to the next level of understanding and awareness or we can say “I am right,” how are we going to adjust the external schema and continue to search for evidence that I was right in the first place. I think we can draw conclusions from that what is going on at levels of manipulation of information. <<<
Sounds familiar?

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