Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Whats what with The wave? 

It appears I am invited to take part in a Day Of Action on climate change, including a march in London on Saturday December 5th. And there is an online registration form for party members so we LibDems can all congregate together and make the maximum impact.

Sounds good stuff.

But those of us who live outside London really need to know what time all this kicks off, so we can decide whether we can make the travel arrangements. None of the party publicity I have seen mentions this rather crucial point. Anyone know? And anyone have influence on the publicisers-that-be so that this information is prominently flagged on the party website and in emails?

(Yes yes I can do a Google search on The Wave to get general event timings, but what are the specifics for the Libdem assembly point).


Perhaps you could let us know when this global warming we are paying so many billions in extra taxes for kicks off too.

You will certainly be able to say, unless it is all just a fascist scam to scare people.

I await learning.
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